Texas Politics: Women of Color & SB5

This is an incredibly written piece over at La Burquena that voices many of the concerns I had watching media coverage of SB5. Rep. Farrar, along with other women of color in the House, was largely responsible for stringing the debate out so long . And in the Senate, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t consider Senator Van de Putte a personal hero after watching her return from her father’s funeral to help put an end to SB5 — and then asking the magic question that ignited the Capitol. Please read this wonderful article!

That said, I’d like to recognize the women of color Representatives and Senators who were key in helping to block SB5. Wendy’s filibuster success (if only temporary given the 2nd special session) could not have happened without the bill first being stalled in the House, which was delayed primarily by women of color, including Representatives Jessica Farrar, Senfronia Thompson, Dawnna Dukes,Mary Gonzales and Alma Allen. Further, Senators Judith Zaffirini and Leticia Van De Putte were essential in relieving Senator Wendy Davis of speaking for periods of time as their wisdom allowed them to delay the vote with parliamentary inquiries and points of information. Although I am not sure of the exact amount of time the delays took up, my guess is a couple of hours, which is a couple of hours in which the bill may have passed had it not been for their efforts.

So why not start a #IStandWithVanDePutte or #IStandWithZaffirini hashtag?  Weren’t their GANAS just as powerful that night as Wendy’s? They called out sexism on the Texas Senate floor, one of the most conservative states in the nation. In an effort to show my respect for them, I believe their actions at least deserve a space in this blog.


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