Texas Politics: Special Session to Consider SB5*

*The special session was supposed to include HB60 and HB16 as well, but both got postponed and SB5 quickly became the focal point of the session. HB60 and HB16 were folded into SB5.


Jessica Farrar is a representative in the Texas House and I can’t explain how proud I was while watching her personal privilege speech in the House. Not only did she question Rep. Laubenberg on the specifics of proposed provisions in SB5, she stood up time and time again to point out that the GOP was end running democracy by ignoring the rules of the House, and she reminded the GOP and every person in the gallery that she and other House Dems would not forget that hundreds who turned out at the committee meeting were denied the right to testify at a public hearing. (Seriously. Can I be her?)


I think Ann Richards is a hero of every Texas woman, especially those who are politically active. Getting to meet her daughter Cecile, the leader of Planned Parenthood, was a complete surprise. We had word that the rally was off & I honestly didn’t expect to see her — but it turned out she was waiting at the doors to the Senate gallery, greeting people as they walked in.


I expect that this photo will surprise precisely zero people who’ve met me before. I held this adorable baby while her mama swathed her in a size L pro-choice tshirt. Yay!

To put it kindly, there were technical difficulties. Nobody is ever sure if my phone has actually taken the picture — this photo turned out to be photo #4, to our surprise. Hard not to giggle when photos with a state rep are stymied by a camera phone.


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